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December 30th, 2007

Code of the Samurize

I wrote a VB script for Samurize, an easy-to-use, free Windows desktop playground for creating MacOS-like widgets and powerful system monitoring tools. Building my own desktop widget, I discovered that there wasn’t a built-in tool or any plugins available for identifying the current WiFi security mode in use. That is, I want my widget to tell me if I’m connected via WEP, WPA, etc. On my Linux systems, I can see at a glance what network I’m connected to and what security is in use. In Windows, this is slightly more challenging.

It wasn’t terribly difficult to create my own once I learned a bit about navigating the Windows Management Instrumentation, and I also learned that Samurize doubles as a handy testing ground for all kinds of VB scripts. Here is the result (click on the image to see my desktop widget that I’ve integrated this into):

Wireless Mode Indicator

You can download my Samurize config file, which contains the script and indicator icons, from the Samurize website. I have also included the VB code below.

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