Archives: October 2010

This is the first draft of a little project I hacked together in Python. Everything I know about Python I learned today, so let’s all go ahead and agree that this is the worst code ever written except for the large parts I stole from Old Nabble. It probably won’t work for you, and no I don’t know how to fix it. I’m just hoping some smart people will think this is a good idea and make it better.

What I’m doing is creating custom window decorations for an instant messenger contact list window. In this case I’m using Empathy. However it should work with any contact list window. In fact, if you make the background the right size, this would work with any window at all! Really? No. Maybe, in theory. I have no idea. Anyway this isn’t a skin, but it might be a step in that direction.

Code after the fold, still very much in development.

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