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Seattle Olympic Sculpture ParkClick here to skip to the pictures.

A cold, crisp, sunny afternoon in Seattle last week offered a reprieve from the bitter “Day After Tomorrow” winter-of-impending-doom we’ve been enjoying, and happily coincided with one of my handful of days at home this month. So I dusted off the old digital camera and took the Seattle Art Museum up on their offer to preview the spanking new Olympic Sculpture Park before it goes public. I was reminded once again that despite our many faults (of both the human and geological variety) this city is nevertheless damn cool!

The park has totally transformed the former no-man’s-land between Western Ave and the Elliott Bay waterfront into a gorgeous, wide open public park space. It even has a train running under the brilliant psychedelic pedestrian overpass. For me, the park evokes feelings of stark European minimalism mixed with old-fashioned larger-than-life American badassness. Except the good kinds of those things. I think. What am I, an art critic? Go look at the pictures and see for yourself.

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